Tuesday, 31 July 2012


   Despite Natasha being sick on the first night, which broke the ice of the awkwardness of the trip it was a very good experience and had a great time! 
 The fist day of meeting everyone you could say it was a tad awkward/silent as no one knew each other, but as the day grew the bonds began! 
  The second day we went rock climbing which was the best experience and gave everyone a chance to become closer! We also went rock climbing and mountaineering, which in the end me, Natasha, Chloe and Dan got left behind and got lost as we were in such a rush we tried to keep up which, I then found a hole in my trousers. 
    The last two days we went gorge walking which was so much fun (but very wet) and climbing a mountain, which is the 3rd highest mountain in the UK!
   As the week grew our friendships have become stronger and feel more comfortable around each other, which was a relief from the awkwardness at the start!  
    The last few days in Wales were one of the best days! I enjoyed getting to know new people and having fun! Some of the things we did I thought I would never do or even able to do, but I did it! 
     Over all it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every minute!